[Drama] Valid Love : Fetus Detected!

Lee Soohyuk 15 Lee Soohyuk 20

His face like saying, “Imma fetus, so i’m gonna destroy y’all *evil laugh*”. Anyway this is his new drama called ‘Valid Love’. Those crappy scenes show up in episode 3. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “[Drama] Valid Love : Fetus Detected!

  1. Ohh mahh lawd. Lee soo-hyuk is oh so fineeee. His acting is great!
    If you didn’t know he was in High School King too! oh man he looked so good in that tux. If you didn’t watch it you’re missing out! haha Also there’s Seo In Guk and he’s hella fine too! (✿ ♥‿♥)


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