Biases – Part II [The Derp-Dorky-Dreamy Rookie]

Let’s see who’s in the second place!

The derp-dorky-dreamy happy virus of EXO. PARK CHANYEOL YEAH!

Chanyeol 40 Chanyeol 51 Chanyeol 57 Chanyeol 77

So, at first my cousin told me there’s a new boy group of SM. And that time i was just like “Nice, yea, i’ll check them out later.” She gives me ‘MAMA’ and ‘History’ MV back then at the same time she told me that thing. Well, i put them in my computer, yes. But, i wasn’t remember anything about it until about early 2012 (my cousin gave me those MV at middle 2011, so yea, it’s a long time). My classmate invites me to karaoke. Everyone have turn to pick one song and sing it together. And then, someone chooses ‘MAMA’. And all of sudden, there’s something like this in my brain “Hey, i have this MV, right? I’ll watch them.” And, i watched them.

At first i was like “Hey, this guy’s pretty cool.” *pointing at Kris* But then, i watched ‘History’. I only have the K version for ‘History’ and i fall for Chanyeol. Yea, you know him in blue scene just like……. beautifull. And just for nothing, i’ve the same elf-shaped ear like him. Not exactly the same but, still categorized elf-like.

My favorite song of EXO this far, is ‘Playboy’. Favorite MV is ‘Growl’ *yea, who doesn’t like it



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