Biases – Part I [The Ultimate, The First]

HEYOWH! Well, now lets see who’s my first and ultimate bias!

Ok, now first of all, the legendary maknae of the legendary group. CHO KYUHYUN OF SUPER JUNIOR! *Yeah #goes #crazy #on #backstage Cho Kyuhyun 2 Cho Kyuhyun 3 Cho Kyuhyun 11Cho Kyuhyun 38 Cho Kyuhyun 53 Well, it’s all started when i was in… Wait. Dunno, maybe fifth grade of elementary? Yea, whatever. So, it’s started when art subject sudenly wants all of the entire class makes groups and picks pop song, and dance to it. I ended up in a group full of no-one-i-close-to. Our leader choses Mr. Simpleā€”it was a great song. And all of sudden, yeah, i like them. Little by little. But it was a big leap for me who was a little dummy girl isolated from world, to start to learn more about KPop. Thanks to SJ, thanks to that group leader. If not cause of them, i’m not someone who write this down in my personal blog yea. I just love him, because of nothing. His voice, his personality, his behavior, his dorky thing, anything of him. Yea, don’t judge me, i know you always do exactly the same toward your bias. My favorite songs of Super Junior is much. But, the one that just perfect for my is ‘Y’. While my favorite MV of them so far is ‘Bonamana’.



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